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School Management Info

Our Schools' Portal provides secure access to a number of online systems, including an electronic post system, traded services and a range of information aimed at supporting schools across Nigeria. The Present: How to manage our data? The choice WE have Advantages • It is integrated • Centralised Support • It is simpler to set up Advantages • Greater functionality of the Product • Focussed Product Development Disadvantages • No single product covers the full range of what schools need • Can limit functionality Disadvantages • Integration is often very difficult • Range of Support • Providers often blame problems on each other An Integrated System Specialist Systems
• IT/Admin Users
• School Management Team
• Staff members (Teachers & Educators)
• Student Users
• Parents Users
• School Bursar/Cashier
• Store & Inventory Personnel
• Front Desk/Reception

The Application is Robust, flexible and extremely user friendly because we took into account that most of the users are not IT specialist and as such may not fully complex interface might make the application unusable

Some of the features of the School Management Information System Platform:

• Flexible, Robust and Easy to Use
• Reduce Computation Time & Academic Errors
• Numerous Reports for Administrative Purpose
• Precise and Accurate Financial Records For School
• Close Monitoring of Students Academic Performance by their Parents
• Secure School Database Online by regular backups for future references
• Modular Architectural Design

Some of the key benefits of using the School Management Information System Platform are:

• Easy, Error free Result Computation by click of a single button.
• Precise Class Spread Sheet Details.
• Students Report Card Customizable to Fit School Original Version
• Students Result History, Payment History and Class History
• Performance Timeline (A Graphical Tool Used in Analyzing the Academic Strength of A Student Towards a Particular Profession)
• E-learning Platform (Online Quiz, Assignments, Test & Exam).


• School fees Management.
• Assets Management.
• Accounts Receivables / Accounts Payables
• Staff Salary Payroll Management & Payment Slip
• Inventory Management
• Financial Reports/Records.

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