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Security Audit

Having information security policies and procedures is not adequate enough for an assurance that organizational information assets are well protected. The policies may not be adequate or the compliance with the policies may not be adequate. For an assurance that they are effective in achieving their objectives a review must be performed.

An Information security audit is a systematic, measurable technical assessment of how the organization’s security policy is employed. It is part of the on-going process of defining and maintaining effective security policies. Security audits provide a fair and measurable way to examine how secure a site really is.

LoKreative IT Security Audit services offer clients a thorough, cost-effective means of evaluating their overall information security posture in order to identify vulnerabilities and make informed remediation decisions, guided by LoKreative experience and expertise–and in doing so ensure that their networks, systems, data and customers are protected from the rising tide of cybercrime.

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