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VSAT Installation

With your telephone based dial up internet connectivity virtually biting the dust in terms of years in service, and possessing none of the current technological advantages-LoKreative IT Technology brings to you high speed internet connectivity via VSAT.VSAT enables satellite based internet access that provides seamless connectivity to the World Wide Web anytime and with greater bandwidth. The connectivity offered is permanent and you do not have to worry about loss of connectivity at any time. Thanks to the high speeds and large bandwidth, downloading large files, getting instant email messages to your inbox, online streaming of multimedia content can all be done with unbelievable swiftness,which you may been missing in your traditional dial up connection.

Our VSAT Product
About VSAT Equipment

VSAT is best used for providing broadband data connectivity to remote and urban areas and also plays an active role in mobile maritime communication networks, like the communication systems onboard ships.It can also be used for the transmission of narrowband data, in point to point data transaction mechanisms that involve activities like credit card processing, polling or RFID data.VSAT technology is thus used as an efficient communication mechanism for business as well as domestic home customers in order to provide quality data services.
To enjoy our high speed VSAT based internet access, the customer has to obtain VSAT equipment from us but we will guide you through each and every step to ensure that the entire process is completed with ease. We also provide excellent support services for our products so that you are never alone, in the event of encounteringfaulty hardware, or feelconfused with regards to operating the system.

Customer Premises Equipment

When we consider customer premises equipment, the VSAT antenna which operates in either the C or Ku Frequency band i.e. in the range of 14.0-14.5 GHz, would have a typical length of around 1.2 metres. The antenna should be mounted in such a way that it can have a clear view of the sky and over to the satellite hovering over the equator. This pretty much sums up the external equipment list. A modem is provided for internal connectivity at a conventional distance from the antenna to ensure optimum performance. As per globally accepted standards, the cable length from the antenna to the indoor unit is in between 5 to 10 metres and it would be surface mounted.

Customer Interface

Once the equipments are in place, users of our internet service need to have an interface through which they can connect their machines to the indoor unit. You can simply use a standard 10/100 Base T Ethernet RJ45 connection on the back side of the indoor unit to enable connectivity. This set up allows you to directly connect your PC or even a Local Area Network comprising a number of computers to the internet via the VSAT internet access provided by LoKreative IT Technology.As with any internet access mechanism our VSAT based broadband services offer direct connectivity to the internet and hence it is advisable to have a firewall installed on your PC or LAN to avoid intrusions by malicious software from the internet. LoKreative IT provides you with a comprehensive suite of security software that safeguards your connections to the internet.You need to keep your antivirus or internet security software up-to-date in order to enjoy protection from deadly cyber threats that emerge daily.
Customers are treated to a wide variety of highly flexible and generic pricing plans which allows anyone, irrespective of their monthly budget, to enjoy our VSAT based high speed broadband internet access. LloKreative IT Technologies offer flexible rental plans for customer equipments as well.Our highly customer oriented and flexible processes help us to provide you with customised monthly plans based on your individual requirements.

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